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  • Dumbbells

    Equipment » Dumbbell

    Dumbbells are weights than can be held in one hand and are used in a variety of exercises. {1 big}

  • E
  • E-Z Bar

    Equipment » Barbell

    The E-Z Bar is a barbell that has angled handles to reduce unnecessary stress in various exercises.

  • Elliptical Trainer

    Equipment » Machine

    An elliptical trainer is a machine used for running or walking. An elliptical trainer is much less stressing on the knees and legs than running or using a treadmill.

  • Exercise Ball

    Equipment » Ball

    An Exercise Ball is a large inflated ball that can be used in various exercises.

  • F
  • Flat Bench

    Equipment » Bench

    A Flat Bench is an exercise bench parallel to the floor that can be lain on for various exercises.

  • Foam Roll

    Equipment » Other

    A Foam Roll is a soft roll used in a variety of exercises.

  • Foot Roller

    Equipment » Other

    A Foot Roller is a piece of equipment used to stretch the calves.

  • H
  • Hack Squat Machine

    Equipment » Machine

    A Hack Squat Machine is a machine weights can be added to that trains the quadriceps.

  • High Pulley Machine

    Equipment » Cable

    A High Pulley Machine is a pulley machine that is used in exercises that require resistance from above.

  • Hyperextension Bench

    Equipment » Bench

    A Hyperextension bench is an exercise bench used to strengthen the middle back.

  • I
  • Incline Bench

    Equipment » Bench

    An Incline Bench is an exercise bench angled upward used in a variety of exercises.

  • K
  • Kettlebells

    Equipment » Kettlebell

    A Kettlebell is a weight with a handle on it used in various exercises.

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