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  • Stationary Bicycle

    Equipment » Machine

    A Stationary Bicycle is a machine that allows you to cycle while remaining stationary.

  • Straight Bar

    Equipment » Other

    A Straight Bar is a piece of equipment used for stretching the shoulders and chest.

  • T
  • T-Bar Row Machine

    Equipment » Machine

    A T-Bar Row Machine is a machine weights can be added to that works the middle back.

  • V
  • Vertical Leg Raise Bench

    Equipment » Bench

    A Vertical Leg Raise Bench is an exercise bench that is used to do leg raises.

  • W
  • Weight Plate

    Equipment » Other

    A Weight Plate is a weight that can be added to various machines or held in various exercises.

  • Wrist Roller

    Equipment » Other

    A Wrist Roller is a piece of equipment that is used to exercise the forearms.

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